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FusionCharts for Dreamweaver - Designer Edition

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FusionCharts for Dreamweaver - Web Charts Extension Features FusionCharts for Dreamweaver - Web Charts Extension Features
Animated and Interactive Charts

All the charts in FusionCharts for Dreamweaver are animated & interactive, which makes it a delightful experience for the end user. The interactivity options include tooltips, rotation, switching from 3D to 2D and then back again, and even slicing the wedges in a pie chart.

Easy-to-use UI
Easy to Use Interface

The product interface allows you fast & easy access to the various parameters using which you can control almost every aspect of the chart. The various parameters are grouped smartly so that the user can use them in an intuitive way, without unnecessary pauses in the workflow.

Integrated Preview Mode
Preview Chart Panel

The integrated preview mode significantly boosts the designer's productivity by displaying an instant preview of the chart. Using this, you can configure the chart and preview the result without even publishing the HTML document.

No coding required
No Programming

Using just the Design View in Dreamweaver, the implementation is done entirely from an easy-to-use user interface. All you need to do is play around, have some fun and voila ? you have yummy pies & columns on your screen.

Easy styling
Design & Styling

FusionCharts for Dreamweaver features a styling system that offers the ability to change all classical chart design elements like the labels, titles or borders. In addition, you can change the colors and apply filter effects to any element.

One-click print option
Print Chart Enabled

Printing a chart couldn?t have been any easier. All you need to do is select the Print Chart option from the right-click menu on the chart.

Support for composed charts
Combine Charts

One or more series can be combined not only as data but as chart type as well. The data can be plotted in more than one chart or on 2 independent y-axes.

Save and reuse settings
Presets Manager

Other than the default presets, additional ones can be imported, created, edited, deleted, or exported. This gives you the ability to reuse the preset at a later time or share it with colleagues and friends, offline or online.

3D Lighting
3D Attributes

The 3D charts (Column, Pie, Doughnut etc.) use 3D lighting for their fill, which renders a realistic 3D experience. This can be turned on or off, which then renders a solid fill.

Works with the latest Dreamweaver releases
Great Compatibility

It is compatible with Dreamweaver CS3 and Dreamweaver CS4 on both Windows and MAC .

34 Chart Types
Web Chart Types

FusionCharts for Dreamweaver offers 34 chart types. All the general charts like column, line, bar, pie and area are supported in addition to unique charts like scroll and true 3D charts.

Multi-lingual support
Foreign Characters Support

FusionCharts support multi-lingual characters.

Easy to work with data
Edit Chart Data Easily

Thanks to the built-in data grid, adding and organizing data is as easy as in a spreadsheet. In addition to manually entering data, our data visualization solution also offers you the ability to, import it from XML/CSV or copy/paste it from any spreadsheet.

Animate it your way
Data Animation

By default, FusionCharts for DW animates only the data plot. However, you can animate the various chart objects individually as well. Multiple animations can also be applied either sequentially or in combination, which can then be saved and re-used later on other objects and charts.

Time Saving Solution
Fast Implementation

Using this Dreamweaver charting extension you can save many hours of tedious product documentation reading, followed by hours of hand coding and testing.

Easy color manipulation
Color Swatches

With the help of integrated color pickers, any type of color can be used for the various chart elements, including gradients. As a result, the users can create unlimited number of color combinations.

One-view chart chooser
Chart Chooser

You have the data but you don't know what chart to use for it? Use the one-view chart chooser to see all the charts at once and decide which one will be the best for representing your data.

Clipboard support for spreadsheet data
Copy & Paste Data

Considering the fact that data used for charts is usually found in spreadsheets (Numbers, Excel, Calc), FusionCharts for Dreamweaver allows you to copy-paste data from any spreadsheet into the data grid.

Optimized for fast and easy start
Starting with Presets

Creating a chart quickly can be particularly intimidating. Not anymore though. Entire charts, chart styles and colors schemes can be loaded from existing presets. Using them, you are up and running in minutes.

Contextual Help
Instant Help

Although the user interface is intuitive and easy-to-use, we understand it's difficult to remember what all the parameters for all the effects do. That's why we have created contextual help, which describes any interface element with only one click.

Discontinuous data support
Charts with Discontinuous Data

FusionCharts for Dreamweaver very well supports discontinuous data i.e. you can have data points on the chart which don't have any value defined for them.

Advanced Filter Effects
Advanced Effects

For any chart object, users can apply advanced effects like Shadow, Glow, Bevel or Blur. Each of these effects can in turn be controlled using their respective parameters, thus giving a great control over the results.

Download a free trial of   FusionCharts for Dreamweaver - Designer Edition
Buy FusionCharts for Dreamweaver - Designer Edition



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Efficiency Chart

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Sales Web Chart

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