• flexi css layout interface

    Create custom CSS layouts in Dreamweaver with ease

    Adding DIV columns and rows as simple as adding Table cells - No hand-coding is necessary as the easy to use interface generates all the DIV and CSS code.
    There are no limitations to the way you build your layout - Even complex layouts will look the same in browsers, nothing is too complicated.
    Unlimited DIV levels - In each DIV you can add even more columns and rows and everything will work perfectly.

  • flexi css layout interface

    55 editable CSS templates included

    Fixed, Liquid or Elastic CSS layouts with 1, 2 or 3 columns - Jumpstart your website with the embedded templates that are ready to receive content.
    Web 2.0 and full layout templates - Ready made templates like you never seen in Dreamweaver before.
    Templates can be customized by adding more DIV cells - Even if it's a CSS template, it doesn't mean you can't add more columns or rows, all from the interface.

    see screenshots

  • flexi css layout interface

    Edit CSS settings for layout elements

    Cell padding, margin and border - Adding a table-less structure for your content in any existing layout takes seconds.
    Font style - Pick your font, color and appearance or inherit them from a parent cell.
    Easy to use interface - No need to know CSS, the super easy interface will transform you in a CSS guru.


  • flexi css layout interface

    Create DIVs and CSS for existing pages

    Section page layouts for existing websites -  Adding a table-less structure for your content in any existing layout takes seconds.
    Any type of page content - You can generate DIV cells for your product lists, articles, galleries, portfolios.
    Can be used with .dwt files - Insert the page section layouts in your exiting templates and reuse them in every page.

  • flexi css layout interface

    CSS3 features*

    CSS3 rounded corners - Rounded corners can be applied to any cell inside the design that has a border.
    CSS3 background color gradient - You can make a background gradient from any background color.

    Please check the browser compatibility before using

Sample 1 - HTML content slider with images and text that present the features of a product

This slider was created in just a few minutes by starting from one of the predefined templates ("skin5" with "orange" color scheme). Then the content was added using content boxes that contain images and text.