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jQuery XPOSE Gallery -Web Admin Documentation

Download, installation and registration

Step 1. Download the product package

You can download jQuery Gallery Web Admin from your account by pressing the "Download" button next to the license.

Step 2. Install the Dreamweaver extension

Once downloaded, install the extension by double clicking the "jQueryXPOSEGalleryWebAdmin.mxp" file inside the package.

For a correct installation please make sure that you have the correct Extension Manager for your Dreamweaver version. You can download and install the right version here: http://www.adobe.com/exchange/em_download/


Step 4. Locate the extension in Dreamweaver

You can find jQuery XPOSE Gallery Web Admin functions inside the jQuery XPOSE Gallery panel from the 'Insert' bar. To open the "Insert bar" go to "Window -> Insert Bar". Note: The "Insert bar" is not the same with the "Insert" option from the top menu. The XPOSE Gallery Web Admin functions are: create web admin as new page, add web admin into an existing CMS, edit username and password and delete web admin.

Step 5. Register the product

A registration pop-up will appear when you open the main interface of jQuery XPOSE Gallery Web Admin. Register it by inserting the serial number from your license.

selecting menu from Dreamweaver

You can always find your serial number and the latest version of the jQuery XPOSE Gallery Web Admin extension in "My account" section on extendstudio.com. Login here and you will be automatically redirected to your products page: http://www.extendstudio.com/login.html.


Creating your first jQuery XPOSE Gallery Web Admin

Before creating a Web Admin, you will have to create a Dreamweaver site. If you don't have a site created check this page for help: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/dreamweaver/articles/first_website_pt1.html. After that create a page and save in in that Dreamweaver site.

Once you have your site and page ready, you will first have to insert a jQuery XPOSE Gallery, by pressing the 'insert gallery' button. After configuring your gallery you can add the web admin by pressing the 'create web admin as a new page' button.

selecting menu from Dreamweaver

The insert interface of the Web Admin will appear. From here you can select the XPOSE Gallery that belongs to the Web Admin, choose the location for the Web Admin, choose a custom logo and set the username and password.

Web Admin Dreamweaver interface

Click the "Create" button to add the Web Admin as a new page in your DW site.

Follow the jQuery XPOSE Gallery Web Admin Manual for a detailed documentation.

jQuery Gallery Web Admin for Dreamweaver screenshots


screenshot preview screenshot preview screenshot preview screenshot preview