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The Best Responsive Page Builder
for Dreamweaver

The new Flexi Layouts 3 is the only drag-and-drop Dreamweaver extension for creating complete web pages visually. With FlexiLayouts 3 you can easily create your layout structure, add content, edit texts and style your web page without writing a line of code.

Join over 79,328 people already using Flexi Layouts to create awesome web pages

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For Dreamweaver
CS4, CS5, CS5,5, CS6
For Dreamweaver
All CC Versions

Introducing Lightning Fast Page Building

with content blocks

You can prototype a page within seconds

130+ Blocks That You Can Combine to Create Pages in No Time

Blocks are a variety of ready made pieces of content that are commonly used. Navigation, hero, showcase, features, pricing tables and footers are just a few examples. All the blocks are beautifully designed and responsive. You can quickly build a page by just drag & dropping the blocks you want to use. Then you can completely customize the blocks: change the text and images, customize the styling, change the effects or modify the structure.

10 Beautiful Responsive Templates Included

preview them below

To help you get started in no time, Flexi Layouts 3 comes with 10 ready to use site templates, beautifully designed and fully responsive. Each template can be completely customized using the powerful visual editor.

Powerful visual editor

visual design, no coding required

Using the FlexiLayouts 3 visual editor you can customize any element on the page. You just have to select the element on the canvas and change its properties using the Styling panel.

  • Dimension settings including min and max width
  • Display settings like alignment and position type
  • Background color, image, gradient or parallax
  • Box settings including margin, padding, border and rounded corners
  • Typography settings that inlcude the 700 Google web fonts
  • Effects that will animate the elements on your page

Add elements like video, map, content swap, menu bar, etc

visual design, no coding required

Using the Elements panels you can add many types of element to the from the most simple like text and images to more complex elements like menu bars and maps.

  • Layout elements like sections and columns
  • Headings, paragraphs and links
  • Images and videos
  • Horizontal and vertical menu bars
  • Google maps
  • Facebook like, share and activity feed
  • Content swap

Parallax Backgrounds, Stick to Top Navigation and Cool Effects

Check out a live demo below 

Flexi Layouts 3 comes with rich visual features that will help you create modern looking websites easily. These features include cool effects, stick to top navigation and parallax backgrounds.

Responsive by default

In Flexi Layouts 3 everything is responsive by default. Whether you add a text, an image or a complete block, they’ll be optimized for desktop, tablet and mobile. And if you want to make a change only for one device, you just click on the device icon on the top toolbar and the change will only be applied for that device.

Easily Reuse Headers and Footers

Templating made easy

With the new Flexi Layouts you won't waste any time making the same change in multiple places. You can create a page that reuses the header and footer from an existing page with just a few clicks and the changes made to the common parts are automatically applied everywhere.

Live Editing on the Canvas

Change text and images with ease

When you need to change a text or an image all you have to do is double click the text or image and make the change. The change is applied instantly so you can see the results live.

Browsers and devices compatible by default

No need to worry about browsers and devices

The code outputed by Flexi Layouts 3 has been extensively tested on all popular browsers (IE 9+, Chrome, Firefox, Safari) and devices (iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows Phone)

Get Flexi Layouts 3


For Dreamweaver
CS4, CS5, CS5,5, CS6
For Dreamweaver
All CC Versions

Flexi Layouts 3 is compatible with all Dreamweaver CC versions


Complete features list

Powerful visual editor

  • Build your pages visually by drag/drop
  • Live editing / Instant preview for changes made
  • All elements fully customizable using the styling & options panels
  • Structure panel & breadcrumbs bar for quick selection
  • Canvas with instant live preview
  • HTML/CSS editing for advanced users


  • Responsive 12 column grid
  • Configurable breaking points for devices
  • Independent configurations / styling for each breaking point
  • Show / hide elements depending on the device type


  • 10 beautiful responsive templates included
  • Multi page templates
  • One page templates with smooth scroll
  • Content appearance effects for a modern look
  • Content swap components for rich interactions
  • All themes are responsive
  • Great typography using Google Web Fonts
  • Parallax effect on background images
  • Any template part is fully customizable with the editor

Styling features

  • Dimensions in columns, px or %
  • Set min or max width
  • Align and float options
  • Display and position types
  • Overflow and zIndex
  • Background color with alpha
  • Gradient configuration controls
  • Background image with parallax effect
  • Background position and repeat
  • Margins and paddings
  • Borders and rounded corners
  • Set typography on any kind of text (h1, h2, p, span, etc)
  • Google Web Fonts support


  • Sections and columns
  • Headings and paragraphs
  • Images and videos
  • Content swap
  • Links and buttons
  • List (UL/LI)
  • Spacer and horizontal line
  • Horizontal / vertical menu bars
  • Google maps
  • Social links
  • Back to top button
  • Custom HTML
  • Facebook like and share buttons
  • Facebook comments
  • Facebook activity

Templating features

  • Full width and Centered pages
  • Pages with left or right sidebar
  • Easily reuse headers and footers
  • Changes in the common areas are applied to all pages
  • Easily customize just one page

Rich visual features

  • Parallax background
  • Box shadow
  • Text shadow
  • CSS3 transform
  • Appear on scroll effects
  • Smooth scroll effect
  • CSS3 transition for hover states