The new Flexi Layouts 2 is the only drag-and-drop Dreamweaver extension for creating complete web
pages visually. With FlexiLayouts 2 you can easily
create your layout structure, add content, edit texts
and style your web page without writing a line of code.

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No coding required!

With FlexiLayouts 2 you don't have to worry about HTML and CSS coding. Everything is done in the intuitive drag-and-drop editor from creating the web page structure to editing text and styling web page elements.

Live editing
what you see is really what you get!

The really cool thing about Flexi Layouts 2 is that it has a real browser at its core, so you'll see your page exactly how it will look in the browser. Even better, any change that you make will be updated live so you don't need to go to the browser to preview your changes all the time.

Over 40 web page templates
+ 10 full website templates bonus

FlexiLayouts 2 includes over 50 web page templates covering the most popular page structures on the web, to give you a quick starting point.
As a bonus, you also get 10 professionally designed full site template (home page + 3 inner pages) that are ready to go live.

Cross-browser CSS3
gradients, rounded corners and shadows!

No more headaches using CSS3 gradients, rounded corners and shadows on older browsers! FlexiLayouts 2 takes care of all the browser compatibility issues, even with older versions of IE.

70+ Ready-made HTML snippets

Flexi Layouts 2 includes a massive library of HTML page elements like menu bars, buttons, articles, social links, lists and many others that will help you prototype web pages really fast. The extension also includes presets for menu bars, buttons, lists and texts so you can easily make the page elements match your design.

Browser consistent output
and super clean code!

Once you click "save", Flexi Layouts 2 will generate all the HTML and CSS code for you and save it in Dreamweaver. Unlike other web page builders Flexi Layouts 2 generates really clean code that respects W3C standards and best practices.
The pages created with FlexiLayouts 2 will look consistent in all popular browsers even when using HTML5 and CSS3 features.

Edit any existing site

or 3rd party template

With the new FlexiLayouts 2 you can work on any web page or template, not just the ones created with FlexiLayouts! So if you plan on working on an existing site you can easily do it with FlexiLayouts!

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Create the page structure in a few clicks

With FlexiLayouts 2 you can easily create the page structure elements like header, sidebar, footer, etc and then your page is ready for adding content.

Super Fast Prototyping

Using the extensive library of HTML snippets that you can drag from from the snippets panel you can prototype a web page in no time.

Visual Resize

Using the drag & drop handles you can resize elements until they look exactly like you want them to. Also, if you need more precision you can set the dimensions for any element from the CSS Properties panel.

Drag page elements around!

Not sure where you want a page element to be? With FlexiLayouts you can drag the elements around and choose the version that looks best.