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Remaining licenses Cyber Monday promotion

Later edit: I'm updating the remaining license manually, so remaining licenses might not be accurate at all times, but don't worry as long as we don't get to 0 on this page we will fulfill all orders.


Creative TextFX v2 35% off - 16 licenses remaining

Stunning text effects in FLASH

This Flash component gives you access to more than 300 predefined text effects that are customizable from the user interface or directly with ActionScript elements - properties, methods, constructor parameters and events. Special price: $74.99 $49


Creative Movie FX v2 35% off - 17 licenses remaining

Effects on animated clips

A Flash effects component that offers the ability to apply effects on any movie clips. From the user friendly interface itís very easy to browse the over 280 predefined effects gallery and apply them on the three transition types available (In effects, Out effects, and Wait effects).
Special price: $74.99 $49


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