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Build Great Looking JQuery Slideshows In Dreamweaver!

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With the jQuery Slideshow Plus Dreamweaver extension you can create great looking jQuery based slideshows that will help you show your pictures in a beautiful and user-friendly way. To save time, you can start from one of the 20 professional designs that come with the product and use the design editor app to customize it and make it blend perfectly with your website. There is no need to code or know jQuery and CSS as all the settings are done quickly from the Dreamweaver interface.

Numbers Bar

This component displays each slide"s number, indicating its order in the slideshow. Numbers Bar comes with two back and next scroll buttons which will be enabled when setting the "click buttons" scrolling type from General settings.

jquery powerslideshow docs numbers bar

The Numbers Bar has five main tabs with several parameters to customize:

General tab:

  • set dimensions: you can set the width and the height of your slideshow
  • choose the orientation of the bullets: vertical or horizontal
  • choose scrolling type - click buttons, hover precise or none
  • edit the dimensions of the items
  • set the item spacing: this is the distance between bullets
  • set the items align: left, right or center
  • choose the numbers bar position within the slideshow area and control it from the offset x and offset y parameters
  • set a z-index value: this property specifies the stack order of an element. An element with greater stack order is always in front of an element with a lower stack order.

Design Tab:

  • customize the options for normal and over states:
  • upload a background image and set background position
  • set a background color
  • choose the opacity of the background
  • enable the scale background feature to resize automatically any background image you choose
  • add padding and borders

Animation Tab:

  • enable "Hide navigation on mouseout" option and choose one of the effects
  • choose the easing effect
  • choose the effect duration

Item Text:

  • customize text for normal and over states
  • choose font style
  • choose font color
  • choose line height: specifies the value in percent of the current font size
  • select the text style

Tooltip Design:

  • set tooltip dimensions
  • choose one of the animation effects
  • upload a background image and set background position
  • set a background color
  • set padding and borders
  • enable "reversed" option which makes the tooltip appear in the opposite side of the numbers.

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