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Customizing the design of your jQuery PowerSlider

The jQuery PowerSlider comes with and Adobe AIR application for easy design changes. The application is consists of two modules:

  • color scheme editor - used to modify the colors of all the assets used in a skin
  • background design editor - used to modify background images of the sliders by changing their design, colors, shadow or border

Color Scheme Editor

The Color Scheme Editor can be opened from the main interface of the jQuery PowerSlider extension. From this interface you can manage the color of various slider elements:

  • background
  • buttons
  • navigation elements
  • text
Color scheme editor

Once you are satisfied with the colors you chose you can save your scheme for later usage by using "Save As" button.

The newly created color scheme will appear in the color schemes list on the right of the main interface.

Background Design Editor

The Background Design Editor can be opened from the Extend Inspector by either clicking the "edit design" button. From this you can chose a large list of predefined backgrounds. They are split in three categories:

  • gradient backgrounds - simple backgrounds that have a two color gradient defined.
  • pattern backgrounds - more complex backgrounds that use drawn graphical elements.
  • custom backgrounds - customized backgrounds that you created.
Design Editor

After you select a background you can:

  • modify its gradient (only available for gradient backgrounds)
  • change its colors
  • add a shadow (you can choose from basic or complex shadows)
  • add border and padding
  • add round corners

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