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jQuery XPOSE Gallery -Web Admin Documentation

Edit images online

Step 1 - Go to your Webadmin online page

After uploading all the files to the server, you can easily acces the online Webadmin, by typing /webadmin after your page (example: yoursite.com/webadmin ).
This will open the Webadmin login page.

jQuery Gallery WebAdmin Online

Insert your username and password and you will be logged in in the Webadmin user interface.

Step 2 - Edit images and text

Once inserted in a page, the jQuery Gallery Property Inspector will open. Choose the "Thumbs bar" from the component list.

Here you can:

  • add pictures (select one or more pictures)
  • add entire folder
  • delete images
  • manage your albums - create, edit or delete albums
  • add albums thumbnail images

You can also add parameters to your imagesimages:

  • set image tilte
  • add image description
  • image url and target
jQuery Gallery WebAdmin Online

Step 3 - Publish the changes

After you're done editing the images, press the 'Publish' green button in order to apply all the changes. The images will automatically be edited on your server and visible on your online gallery.
You can preview all the changes by clicking the 'Preview' button from the WebAdmin interface.