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2. Insert Web Admin in current page

Setting up the page

In order to insert a jQuery XPOSE Gallery Web Admin into a current page, first that page needs to be saved inside a Dreamweaver site. If you don't have a site created check this page for help: http://www.adobe.com/devnet/dreamweaver/articles/first_website_pt1.html

Adding a jQuery XPOSE Gallery Web Admin to an existing CMS

Open the page where you want to add the Web Admin and click on the 'insert web admin in current page' button.

jquery xpose gallery web admin for Dreamweaver docs insert web admin

This will open the main jQuery XPOSE Gallery Web Admin interface. It will ask you to select a gallery from an alphabetical list that displays the existing galleries in your Dreamweaver site. If you have no gallery in that site, the 'no gallery' value will be displayed.
Here you'll have to choose the location for the Web Admin. The default location is "/webadmin". You can browse for a specific folder or just insert the url into the text fileld. This will represent the folder where all the files related to the Web Admin Gallery will be saved and it will be generated in the root folder of your Dreamweaver site.
After you've set the locations on the JQuery XPOSE Gallery Web Admin panel, press on the Insert button. The Web Admin code is placed where the cursor is inside html code. All the folders and files will be automatically generated within your Dreamweaver site and the Gallery parameters will be modified so that it becomes dynamic.

jquery xpose gallery web admin for Dreamweaver docs interface

After the webadmin is created, publish the site by putting it on your server. You can easily acces the webadmin on the browser. All you have to do is to type '/webadmin' at the end of your site's name. Example yoursite.com/webadmin.

Once you get in your Web Admin online, you can modify images dynamically, add/ edit/ delete or create more albums to add as many images as you want.

If you want to learn how you can change the Web Admin username and password, check the next page from the manual.


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