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jQuery XPOSE Gallery Documentation

Download, installation and registration

Step 1. Download the product package

You can download jQuery Gallery as a trial by pressing the "Free Trial" button. If you've purchased, you can download it from your account by pressing the "Download" button next to the license.

Step 2. Install the Dreamweaver extension

Once downloaded, install the extension by double clicking the "jQueryXPOSEGallery.mxp" file inside the package.

For a correct installation please make sure that you have the correct Extension Manager for your Dreamweaver version. You can download and install the right version here:

Step 3. Install the Design Editor AIR application

The extension uses an additional AIR application for image editing and resizing. You will find the ".air" installer file inside the extension package. You should install it in order for the extension to function properly.


Step 4. Locate the extension in Dreamweaver

You can find jQuery Gallery extension on the "Insert bar" in Dreamweaver under the "jQuery Gallery" category. To open the "Insert bar" go to "Window -> Insert Bar". Note: The "Insert bar" is not the same with the "Insert" option from the top menu.

Step 5. Register the product

A registration pop-up will appear when you open the main interface of jQuery Gallery. If you are just trying the extension you can continue by clicking "Run as trial". If you want to register it, insert the serial number from your license.

selecting menu from Dreamweaver

You can always find your serial number and the latest version of the jQuery Gallery extension in "My account" section on Login here and you will be automatically redirected to your products page:


Creating your first jQuery XPOSE Gallery

In order to insert a gallery in a page, first that page needs to be saved inside a Dreamweaver site. If you don't have a site created check this page for help:

Once you have your site and page ready, press the "Insert" button from the insert bar.

selecting menu from Dreamweaver

The insert interface of the extension will appear. From here you can set the name, dimensions and the main skin of the slideshow.

selecting menu from Dreamweaver

Click the "Insert" button to add the jQuery Gallery in the page. You can continue editing the look of the gallery or its content using the inspector interface. The inspector interface will appear automatically whenever you select an inspectable component of the gallery or the gallery container. Select the gallery now and the interface bellow will appear in your Dreamweaver.

selecting menu from Dreamweaver

You can edit all default settings for components by selecting the content box that contains the element.

Content boxes can be moved around in Dreamweaver Design View by drag and drop. Once you select a box an inspector interface will appear so you can modify the properties of that box or you can just remove it from the slideshow area.

selecting menu from Dreamweaver

Whenever you apply changes in the JQuery XPOSE Gallery Inspector, the 'Apply Changes' button will activate. After you have finished editing and customizing the Gallery, press the 'Apply Changes' button and all the settings will be automatically applyed.

selecting menu from Dreamweaver

Follow the jQuery XPOSE Manual for more detailed documentation.


Download JQuery XPOSE Gallery Trial
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  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS5
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS5.5
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS6
  • Adobe Dreamweaver CS6

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