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2. Add Images to your Gallery

After inserting a Gallery into a HTML page, you can apply all the settings from the Extend Inspector.

You can add, remove and customize images by clicking the "Edit text and Images " button. This will open the "Edit Text and Images" tab.


jquery gallery docs insert bar

Here you can:

  • add pictures (select one or more pictures)
  • add entire folder
  • delete images

You can also add parameters to images:

  • set image tilte and customize it from the "Caption" component
    If you don't want any title text to appear on the image area remove the caption component.
  • add image description and customize it from the "Subcaption" component
    If you don't want any description text to appear on the image area remove the subcaption component.
  • image url and target
  • set round corners images

After inserting all the features, click "Save & Close" button and all the settings will be applied. Whenever you'll change images and gallery dimensions a "Resize Images" message will appear at the top of the Inspector area.

jquery gallery docs insert bar

Resizing images functionality is important as it makes all the images fit to the Gallery content and keep the settings you have applyed.
You can choose from the 3 resize types from the Property inspector:

  • Auto - it's a combination between Crop and Scale resize methods and resizes images so that they fit and fill in the Gallery Container;
  • Crop - is cropping the images starting from the middle of the image ;
  • Scale - it scales down the images so that they will fit in the Gallery Container.

If you don't prefer any of these options you can just choose the 'No resize' feature that will load the images at their original dimensions.The 'No resize' method it's best used with XML. If you defined your images in the XML you don't have to add them in the resize manager anymore.
Here is a step by step tutorial about adding images dynamically using the XML file.

jquery gallery docs resize types

Using the "XPOSE Gallery Image Manager" you can create and manage your own albums. Check the next page to find more about jQuery EXPOSE Gallery albums.


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