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jQuery XPOSE Gallery Documentation

Opening the Extend Inspector

After inserting a JQuery EXPOSE Gallery in your HTML page, all Gallery settings are made from the Extend Inspector. To activate the Extend Inspector, in Design view, click on the blue label just above the gallery as in the image below:

Activate inspector

The inspector will float above the page, but you can dock it next to the Properties inspector for easier use.

Setting the gallery main features from the inspector

The Gallery is the area for the images. Everytime you edit its dimensions a Resize message will appear in the inspector. Click here to find more details about resizing images and the importance of this feature.
You can manage both the Gallery background and the Gallery, as they come as two different editable elements and you can set their main features from the Inspector, that comes with several tabs, each one with their own set of settings:

JQuery Gallery main interface

In the General tab you can set the width and height of the slider and add images or HTML content elements in the slides. Also you can notice that all gallery component have a z-index option, where you can set the stack order of the components into the gallery area. An element with greater stack order is always in front of an element with a lower stack order.

The Design tab, you can upload a background image, set the position, set borders and padding.

JQuery Gallery main interface

From the the Lightbox tab you can enable the 'Ligntbox' when image is clicked. There are 4 lightbox styles available and you can set your own lightbox dimensions. Also, you can set the images to change automatically, by checking the "change images automatically" feature and set the speed.

JQuery Gallery main interface

From the the Fullscreen tab you can enable 'fulscreen' feature. You can choose the fulscreen to open when you click on image area or on thumbnails. The "fullscreen" component will be automatically inserted and the Property Inspector will enable you to customize it.

JQuery Gallery main interface

The Dynamic tab enables you to easily populate the gallery dynamically through a simple XML file. You can enable/disable dynamic image loading and you can specify the path to your own XML file. Each time you insert a gallery a sample XML is generated. You can use that XML to add your own paths to images. Follow this link for a step by step tutorial.

JQuery Gallery main interface

In order to set the animation settings you have to select the "Image Area" component and go to Animation tab.

JQuery Gallery main interface

JQuery EXPOSE Gallery comes up with several animation effects: Slice Down Right, Slice Down Left, Slice Up Right, Slice Up Left, Slice Up Down Right, Slice Up Down Left, Fold, Fade, Box Random, Box Rain Grow.
You can set any of these effects or set them play randomly, from the "Random" option.

In the Animation tab you can also customize the user internaction settings: Stop at user interaction and Pause on hover and the gallery settings by Autoplay and Loop options.
Here you can set the following features: Disable effect on mobile devices, Enable slide change during effects, Keep previous slide visible in background and Go to next image on click.


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