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Thread: Dates no date show as well

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2009-06-07 21:47:19
Hi i have a data set created with Fusion Charts Developer Edition, I use the internal SQL Maker to create the recordset.there are dates and then i count the numbers of rows for that date,this works really well, only function i cant get my head around is to also show dates where the count is 0, so i see the whole month even the dates that have a 0 count, can someone tell me how i could do that with the internal SQL editor, if not then i will have to write my own Query.
Andrei Rinciog [Extend Studio]

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2009-06-10 10:13:26
Hello, We will investigate why it doesn't show the values as it should've plot all the dates. Until we fix this in the query builder, I was able to get the result you want using outside of FusionCharts. What I did was to create a table that holds all the days in a month and then insert into that table the results of the count function on the main table. Then I ploted the days table using fusioncharts. Here’s the sql query that updates the days table : " UPDATE month_days SET value=(SELECT count(id) FROM test1 WHERE EXTRACT(DAY FROM test1.date) = month_days.id_day) "The “month_days” table has two colums ( id_day and value). Call that query in php before the recordset that selects all rows from the “month_days” table.Now, you just need to plot the data from the recordset. I hope this will help you in case you needed some help with the sql. If you have any questions, feel free to write to us again.Regards,Andrei