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Thread: support for CF and stored procedures?

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2009-05-07 08:28:45
I use CF and stored procedures to make my datacalls...this doesn't seem to work in this product - will that change or can you suggest another method to get it working?
Viorel Mirea

post date:
2009-05-08 10:59:48
For the moment FusionChart doesn't support dirrectly stored procedure but we can offer you a quick-fix solution.You can create in CF a recordset and select from "Database items" the stored procedure. Also you can manually enter the code of the recordset like this:<cfquery name="Recordset1" datasource="table_name">{call procedurename ('#parameter_name#') } </cfquery>This code will create the necesarry data to be used into FusionCharts. The problem will be that the "Data preview" and "Open preview" buttons won't work because the local procedure cannot find the actual data, but the chart will be visible in the browser.The next version will be able to directly support stored procedures.