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Thread: Trying to register but ....

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Lars Vraa

post date:
2009-04-21 15:53:59
Hi support I'm trying to register a developer license and I'm not getting anywhere. After typing in my License number I keep the registration code empty and press process. Unfortunately it jump into a endless please wait window. Any Idea what can be worng? Does it have to contact your server on a post I may have closed in my firewall? Regards Lars
Andrei Rinciog [Extend Studio]

post date:
2009-04-22 08:10:26
Hello Lars,Yes, the licensing system needs to connect to our server in order to register. You need to allow Dreamweaver to access. Check your firewall and try to register again.Regards,Andrei Rinciog

post date:
2012-06-28 14:27:37
Trying to register the free demo version. When I try to insert a Simple/Composed Chart I get an error message: "You need to define a site for the component to work!"
Elena Tepardea [Extend Studio]

post date:
2012-06-29 05:28:30
Hello,In order to insert a chart, your page needs to be saved in a Dreamweaver site first. Here is a video tutorial that will show you how to create the DW site:http://www.extendstudio.com/documentation/jquery-slideshow/insert_in_blank.htmlLet me know if you need more assistance!Regards,Elena Tepardea