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Thread: invalid xml data message

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2011-11-30 04:53:01
hi,i have created this chart based on a recordset, the recordset shows the correct data, the graph previews fine yet when uploaded i get an error "invalid xml data"there is no error in the log file on server, what can this be?thans

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2011-11-30 04:57:14
this is the code generated in browser://Instantiate the Chart var chart_sipppodspaidytdfinal = new FusionCharts("includes/FusionCharts/charts/Pie3D.swf", "sipppodspaidytdfinal", "900", "400", "0", "1"); chart_sipppodspaidytdfinal.setTransparent("false"); //Provide entire XML data using dataXML method chart_sipppodspaidytdfinal.setDataXML("<chart pieYScale='40' showValues='1' showShadow='1' startingAngle='0' enableRotation='0' slicingDistance='20' pieOuterFaceAlpha='100' chartBottomMargin='15' showPercentValues='0' isSmartLineSlanted='1' chartTopMargin='15' skipOverlapLabels='1' enableSmartLabels='1' showPlotBorder='0' use3DLighting='1' fitPieRadius='1' chartRightMargin='15' chartLeftMargin='15' showZeroPies='1' pieInnerFaceAlpha='100' plotFillAlpha='100' labelSepChar=', ' labelDistance='5' smartLineThickness='1' showPercentInToolTip='1' radius3D='80' smartLabelClearance='5' captionPadding='10' showLabels='1' smartLineAlpha='100' pieSliceDepth='15' smartLineColor='0' toolTipBorderColor='49563a' logoURL='' showAboutMenuItem='0' bgSWFAlpha='100' forceDecimals='0' baseFontColor='0' bgAngle='280' bgRatio='0,100' bgAlpha='70,56.00000000000001' bgColor='333333,3333cc' clickURL='' logoScale='100' defaultNumberScale='' bgSWF='' outCnvBaseFont='Verdana' logoPosition='TL' animation='1' formatNumber='1' logoLink='' decimalSeparator='.' outCnvBaseFontColor='ffffff' numberScaleValue='1000,1000' defaultAnimation='1' baseFont='Verdana' showBorder='0' subCaption='' toolTipSepChar=', ' logoAlpha='100' showToolTip='1' caption='' seriesNameInTooltip='1' outCnvBaseFontSize='10' showExportDataMenuItem='0' thousandSeparator=',' decimals='2' numberScaleUnit='K,M' exportEnabled='0' yAxisValueDecimals='2' numberSuffix='' baseFontSize='10' formatNumberScale='1' toolTipBgColor='ffffff' numberPrefix='' exportHandler='fc_exp_sipppodspaidytdfinal'> <set label='David Thomas' value='1' /><set label='Daniel O'Rourke' value='1' /> <styles> <definition> <style type='ANIMATION' name='background_0_ANIMATION' param='_x' start='40' duration='1' easing='none'/> <style type='ANIMATION' name='background_1_ANIMATION' param='_alpha' start='1' duration='1' easing='regular'/> <style type='ANIMATION' name='background_2_ANIMATION' param='_xScale' start='2' duration='2' easing='elastic'/> <style type='Bevel' name='background_Bevel' distance='2' angle='90' shadowColor='0' shadowAlpha='0' highlightColor='0' highlightAlpha='0' blurX='0' blurY='0' strength='1' quality='3'/> <style type='ANIMATION' name='dataplot_0_ANIMATION' param='_xScale' start='1' duration='3' easing='elastic'/> </definition> <application> <apply toObject='background' styles='background_0_ANIMATION,background_1_ANIMATION,background_2_ANIMATION,background_Bevel'/> <apply toObject='dataplot' styles='dataplot_0_ANIMATION'/> </application> </styles></chart>") //Finally, render the chart. chart_sipppodspaidytdfinal.render("sipppodspaidytdfinalDiv"); </script> <!-- END Script Block for Chart sipppodspaidytdfinal -->
Andrei Rinciog [Extend Studio]

post date:
2011-12-07 03:51:10
Hello Julia, Sorry for the late reply. Do you still have the problem above? Please make sure that you upload all the files from the "includes" folder. If the page works locally, it should work online as well if all the files are uploaded. Dreamweaver doesn't upload the files that it thinks are not used. So, it is possible that you don't have the XML files on the server as they are not linked directly in the code. If you still have the problem and it doesn't get fixed after you upload the entire "includes" folder, please give me a link to the page and I will take a look at it immediately. Kind regards,Andrei Rinciog