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Thread: stacked charts show correct data in dreamweaver but default to jan on website

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2011-11-21 06:26:12
hi,i have a few series defined in a chart, a column multi series. when i preview the chart in dreamweaver it all display correctly on the months it should however when you upload and go to the website the amount that should be in oct, nov etc are showing up in january.the query is:SELECT sum(NetAmount) as NetAmount, DATE_FORMAT(CaseComplete,'%M-%Y') as XLABELFROM cash_saleWHERE CaseComplete is not null and NPW = 'N' and NetAmount is not nullGROUP BY XLABELORDER BY CaseCompletethis is the same query for all 4 tables and they all have the same columns listed above. is there a bug somewhere?thanks
Andrei Rinciog [Extend Studio]

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2011-11-24 08:43:29
Hello Julia, We tried to reproduce the problem with the exact query and table structure as in your example, however, the chart works both in Dreamweaver and in browser. It's a little strange that in Dreamweaver works correctly but in browser not. When you test in Deramweaver, you test using the "preview" functionality from our extension or by using live view? Would it be possible to send us a link to your page so we can check the code? If you want I can send you one of the examples we made for testing and the database used. Let me know. Kind regards,Andrei Rinciog

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2011-11-30 04:50:03
thanks andrei,i have now managed to rectify it for now using the generate sql queries within the extension.i was using the fusion charts open preview and it was working yet when it was live on site everything was pushing along to jan.it is now working using the generate sql queries which i find strange as the query was working and grouped properly in preview and in php my admin.if i am stuck with this one again i will let you know.thanks