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Thread: graphs don\\\\\\\'t load... just says \\\\\\\"chart.\\\\\\\"

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2011-02-06 12:34:21
i am calling the graphs to display when an ajax get call is made to display within a div. it works fine without any errors, however the graphs don't load. where the graph should be it simply says "chart.". is the asychronous nature of ajax throwing this off? should the include files be part of the page where the ajax called php block will be called? to isolate the issue, what causes fusion charts to say "chart."
Andrei Rinciog [Extend Studio]

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2011-02-07 09:02:20
Hello,Could you please send us a copy of the files by email so we can take a look at the code? You can send them to support at extendstudio.comRegards,Andrei Rinciog