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Thread: Export Options

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David Stoltz

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2011-02-05 16:13:37
When I turn on the export options (data copy, chart saving) - the chart displays with a "WAITING" box under it, which never goes away.If I turn off the export options, it does not appear.....I'd like to turn on the options, without the waiting box...Any idea?
Andrei Rinciog [Extend Studio]

post date:
2011-02-07 08:56:19
Hello David, The export feature uses a second swf file to save the data from the chart. That is why that "waiting" button appears. You can hide that second swf but you will have to make a custom button to handle the chart export. Code example: <html><head> <script> function FC_ExportReady(DOMid) { document.getElementById("fc_exp_div_FusionChart1").style.visibility = "visible"; } function bodyLoad() { document.getElementById("fc_exp_div_FusionChart1").style.visibility = "hidden"; } function exportFinished() { document.getElementById("fc_exp_div_FusionChart1").style.visibility = "hidden"; } function startExport() { var chart = getChartFromId("FusionChart1"); if(chart.hasRendered()) { chart.exportChart(); } } </script> </head><body onload="bodyLoad()"><?php // (FCChart Begin) #FusionChart1 renderFusionChart($dFCFusionChart1, 400, 400);// #FusionChart1 (FCChart End)?><a onclick="startExport()">Click here to export chart</a></body></html>Regards,Andrei Rinciog
David Stoltz

post date:
2011-02-07 17:08:17
Awesome - thank you.