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Thread: Drill down charts with php

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Jamie Winkelman

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2011-01-30 10:38:05
I am having trouble linking the correct data to my drill down chart. I don’t understand how to pass the record ID for the data in the URL. I am using a dynamic pie chart and want to show linked pie charts for the subcategories for each category shown in the main pie chart. The data for my main chart (categories) and the drill down chart (subcategories) come from the same table. I have a field that specifies category type.The tutorial states that I need to add 2 fields in the database table as indicated below. Can you please explain?. Do I really need to modify the database table to correctly display a drill down chart? I am able to link to my drill down chart, but the data displayed is just default data and is not linked to the parent category.The instructions also state that I should click “Add as series” to add the linked data. Does this mean that I will end up with two series, not just one series with a link to the subcategories?These instructions are from your tutorial:\"Setting Up Drill Down Links In Dynamic ChartsAs for the Drill Down links in Static charts (see above) you should first create the secondary chart (the chart where that the user can see after clicking on a plotted area in the main chart. To create the Drill Down link dynamically you need to add 2 fields in the database table: one to contain the drill Down link and one to indicate the link target.To link the plotted areas accordingly to the database values go to the \"Data\" tab (Use data from already defined recordset screen) and click on \"Add as series\" button. In the pop-up you should fill in the Link field and select the column used to set the target. The link field should be composed from the URL of the secondary chart and the database column that contains the parameter that identifies the secondary chart.\"
Andrei Rinciog [Extend Studio]

post date:
2011-01-31 07:40:30
Hello Jamie, Please tell me the table structure that you have. You don't necessarily have to modify the structure of the table. It just depends how you want to connect the charts. What you could do is something like this. Create the main chart using a "GROUP BY column1" function. Then for the drill-down chart you send the column1 value and filter the results using "WHERE column1 = value". You can create the chart by adding only one series. For the main chart, use column1 as category and "count" or "sum" as series.Tell me how I can help you more with this.Regards,Andrei Rinciog
Jamie Winkelman

post date:
2011-01-31 12:27:22
My main data table has the following columns:tbl_Cuts cut_ID user_ID cat_ID cat_valueI also have three other tables that I use in the recordset:tbl_Users user_ID user_Nametbl_Categories cat_ID cat_Name cat_Type parent_IDtbl_Parents parent_ID parent_NameMy main chart recordset, which shows the names and values for Standalone and Parent categories for User 1, is as follows:SELECT *FROM tbl_Cuts,tbl_CategoriesWHERE tbl_Cuts.cat_ID=tbl_Categories.cat_ID AND tbl_Categories.cat_Type!='Subcategory' AND user_ID=‘1’I would like to click on a Parent category in the main chart and display a drill down chart that breaks out the Subcategories that comprise the Parent category.Thanks in advance.