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Thread: Evaluation Problem in CS5

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2010-11-11 18:20:29
When I am in the wizard and press Preview everything looks perfect, I save and upload to server and load the page and the chart does not look right is showing one X-line and many missing things???Is this because it is evaluation mode or there is a bug?
Andrei Brebulet [Extend Studio]

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2010-11-12 03:36:08
Hello Michael,You must make sure to upload the "includes" folder as it contains vital files for the component to work correctly. Could you send us a link to your web page so we can have a look? Regards,Andrei Brebulet

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2010-11-12 04:09:27
Hi Andrei,The includes folder is up.Here is the link to the test site:http://www.opticentre.net:9999/test3/Here is a screenshot of the preview:http://www.opticentre.net:9999/test3/show.gifMichel
Andrei Rinciog [Extend Studio]

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2010-11-12 10:35:43
Hello,It seems there is a problem with the built-in query builder of the extension. We will fix this and release an update as soon as possible. Until then, please get the data with Dreamweaver recordsets. If you need help with MySQL queries, send me an email with the table structure and what data you want to get from and I will help you with the query. Send the email to support at extendstudio.com. Regards,Andrei Rinciog