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Thread: Trial Version - Dynamic Charts Not Working

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2010-10-07 16:07:31
When i create a dynamic chart linked to a SQL database, it previews correctly in the chart setup dialogue, however, after it gets inserted into the page and i preview it in the browser, it doesn't show any data. I've seen a few similar postings for the same issue but I never saw a fix for it. I appreciate any help.The table I'm using is called fundweights. It contains two fields: fund and weights. fund is a text field with unique names. weights is a double field with values (.01, .08...).Here is the code:<?php require_once('Connections/dgamdatabase.php'); ?><?php include('includes/FusionCharts/dynamic/DWFChart.inc.php'); ?><?php// fusion chart # FusionChart5 data include include('includes/FusionCharts/dynamic/data/fc_FusionChart5_data.php');if (!function_exists("GetSQLValueString")) {function GetSQLValueString($theValue, $theType, $theDefinedValue = "", $theNotDefinedValue = "") { if (PHP_VERSION < 6) { $theValue = get_magic_quotes_gpc() ? stripslashes($theValue) : $theValue; } $theValue = function_exists("mysql_real_escape_string") ? mysql_real_escape_string($theValue) : mysql_escape_string($theValue); switch ($theType) { case "text": $theValue = ($theValue != "") ? "'" . $theValue . "'" : "NULL"; break; case "long": case "int": $theValue = ($theValue != "") ? intval($theValue) : "NULL"; break; case "double": $theValue = ($theValue != "") ? doubleval($theValue) : "NULL"; break; case "date": $theValue = ($theValue != "") ? "'" . $theValue . "'" : "NULL"; break; case "defined": $theValue = ($theValue != "") ? $theDefinedValue : $theNotDefinedValue; break; } return $theValue;}}// fusion chart #FusionChart5 dynamic filter data // fusion chart recordsetmysql_select_db($database_dgamdatabase, $dgamdatabase);$fcquery_FusionChart5_rs0 = "SELECT fundweights.Weight FROM fundweights WHERE 1 ";$FusionChart5_rs0 = mysql_query($fcquery_FusionChart5_rs0, $dgamdatabase) or die(mysql_error());$row_FusionChart5_rs0 = mysql_fetch_assoc($FusionChart5_rs0);$totalRows_FusionChart5_rs0 = mysql_num_rows($FusionChart5_rs0);// fusion chart recordsetmysql_select_db($database_dgamdatabase, $dgamdatabase);$fcquery_FusionChart5_rs_category = "SELECT fundweights.Fund FROM fundweights WHERE 1 ";$FusionChart5_rs_category = mysql_query($fcquery_FusionChart5_rs_category, $dgamdatabase) or die(mysql_error());$row_FusionChart5_rs_category = mysql_fetch_assoc($FusionChart5_rs_category);$totalRows_FusionChart5_rs_category = mysql_num_rows($FusionChart5_rs_category);$dFCFusionChart5 = new DWFChart("FusionChart5", "Column2D", "includes/FusionCharts/charts/", 400, 400, "", "", "", "", "", "");$dFCFusionChart5->setVersion("1.1.1");$dFCFusionChart5->setConfigXML($FusionChart5_dataXML);$dFCFusionChart5->setCategory($FusionChart5_rs_category, "fundweights.Fund", ";category_table=fundweights;category_label_col=fundweights.Fund", "directValues");$dFCFusionChart5->addSeries($FusionChart5_rs0, "fundweights.Weight", "category_table=fundweights;series_value_col=fundweights.Weight;series_table=fundweights;category_label_col=fundweights.Fund", "color='52643f' seriesName='fundweights.Weight'", "default", "");$dFCFusionChart5->setOrdering('None', 'asc');$dFCFusionChart5->prepareData(); ?><!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"><html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><head><meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=utf-8" /><title>Untitled Document</title><script type="text/javascript" src="includes/FusionCharts/dynamic/js/FusionCharts.js"></script></head><body><?php// (FCChart Begin) #FusionChart5renderFusionChart($dFCFusionChart5, 400, 400);// #FusionChart5 (FCChart End) ?></body></html><?phpmysql_free_result($FusionChart5_rs0);mysql_free_result($FusionChart5_rs_category);?>
Andrei Rinciog [Extend Studio]

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2010-10-08 07:59:19
Hello, The chart doesn't display at all when you test the webpage or you can see the swf but its empty? If there is no swf on the page, try to upload the folder named 'includes' from your root folder. Could you please send us a link with the page at support at extendstudio.com or maybe a screenshot? Regards,Andrei Rinciog