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Thread: Can Fusion Charts do this?

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Brad Lawryk

post date:
2010-08-17 14:38:40
Hi guys,I have the charts from Web Assist, but it just isn't doing what I need.I need to make a bar chart that goes horizontal (I see by your examples that it can do that - WA can't). What the chart needs is I have a bout 3000 records in a MySQL DB. One of the fields is for Province/State. Basically all I need to do is show a bar for each Province or State and the total number of records in each Province/State.Can Developer Edition do this?Brad
Andrei Rinciog [Extend Studio]

post date:
2010-08-18 06:59:58
Hello Brad,Just to make sure that I understood correctly, you have a table with multiple records and each record has a province/state set. And you want a bar chart, that counts the number of records for each province/state. This is a basic usage case and you shouldn't have any problems setting this up. However, you will have to use Dreamweaver recordsets to get the data because we have a slight problem with the built in query builder in the current version. If you need any assistance with the query I'm here to help. It should be something like: SELECT cound(id), provinceFROM tableGROUP BY provinceRegards,Andrei
Florin Grigore

post date:
2012-01-30 08:19:13
Can fusion charts extension for Dreamweaver read data directly from a form to display the data in chart format? I.E User enters a series of values into text fields and the values entered are used to chart the data with out the need to store the data into a database.I am creating a calculation application and require this type of functionality to be able to visualize the data calculated. If some one could please help me that would be great so I can determine whether or not to purchase this product.
Elena Tepardea [Extend Studio]

post date:
2012-02-06 05:30:33
Hello,And sorry for the late answer!The FusionCharts extension reads the data by using the recordsets from the database. It can't read the data using javascript. Regards,Elena Tepardea