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Thread: auto scale

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2010-07-14 08:26:02
hi,new to fusion charts and i have added a chart and need it to auto scale in the words.at the moment i have the months of year along the bottom generated from the database however it is cutting off at september half way through the word and january is half missing on the other side?is there an option to have it auto fit into the height and width specified?i have the chart at 900 by 400.thanks

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2010-07-14 09:31:49
the other problem i have is, i have ticked the option to export, however it shows waiting underneath the chart until you right click on the graph. i thought there was a button with drop down to select the export?also how do i stop it showing waiting? aswel as my above problem i would apreciate any help?thanks
Andrei Rinciog [Extend Studio]

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2010-07-14 11:17:30
Hello Julia,The window that opens the chart preview has a limited width that is less than 900px. That's why you can't see the entire chart and the exterior labels get cut off. However, this shouldn't happen in browser. Does it happen when you view the chart in browser as well?Normally, when you have a big label, its cut in half and part of it is displayed on a second row. You can also select to have the labels placed on multiple rows from the "dataLabels" tab. The export feature needs to use a second swf file that handles exporting. That second swf receives the data from the first and allows you to save it. However, it doesn't know how to extract data from the first chart, it only knows how to get data. You can hide that second swf using CSS by making the holding div invisible. Then, when the data is gathered from the chart (after you right click and select the export option), you can tell the chart to call a javascript function (exportCallback function) and inside that function make the second swf visible again. I can help you with this if you want. Tell me if you need more help. Best regards,Andrei Rinciog