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Thread: Having trouble reïnstalling fusionchart

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Meindert Roeland Biesheuvel

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2010-07-13 03:55:41
I use Dreamweaver CS5 in the dutch version.After reïnstalling FusionChart it won't work any more, if I click the "commands menu"i get the error that : c:programfilesadobedreamweaver cs5configurationsharedextendfusionchartsjsdynamicfusioncharts.js couldn't be opened.I cannot use the "commands" menu because this message keeps popping up.After checking the directory c:programfilesadobedreamweaver csconfiguationsharedextend doesn't even exist.Second, if I try to insert a new chart or edit an old I get the message that I should define a site (and it is allready defined).I've tryed everything. The last thing I've tryed was to remove all extendstudio extensions and cleen up every directory by hand. But even after that the problem came back.The first time I've installed fusionchart there was no problem at all but the problem appeared sudden without changing anything specific to the extensions???
Andrei Rinciog [Extend Studio]

post date:
2010-07-13 12:45:22
Hello Terry,Have you used the demo version of the extension before you installed the full version? I think that might be the source of the problem. This has been reported before and we will have a fix in the next update.As a workaround for the moment you need to duplicate a file from Dreamweaver configuration. Check this path: "C:Users[your_user]AppDataRoamingAdobeDreamweaver CS5[your_language]ConfigurationSharedExtendFusionChartsJS" and you should see a file called "FusionCharts.js". Make a duplicate of that file and name it " DynamicFusionCharts.js". After this the error should disappear. Regards,Andrei Rinciog