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Thread: Having trouble with pie chart

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2010-07-09 12:46:54
I downloaded the demo today and am having trouble understanding the pie chart. rnrne.g. I have a table called "exercise", it has a column called "ExerciseType". This column is populated by dropdown menu with 5 choices on my form. rnrnI'm simply trying to get the sum of each "ExerciseType" so I can build a pie chart that shows the percentage of each.rnrnSo I'm only using one column to build this chart, so when I configure the datasource (2nd tab), how would you recommend I set this up? rnrnThanks

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2010-07-09 12:49:49
I wanted to add, on the "Configure the Datasource" screen I'm using a recordset I already defined.

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2010-07-09 12:58:08
I figured out how to do this with the "Automatically generate SQL queries", but I need to use my recordset because it filters out my column UserId by a Session Variable.
Andrei Rinciog [Extend Studio]

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2010-07-10 03:14:39
Hello,I don't understand exactly how your "exercise" table looks like. I believe that "ExerciseType" is populated with some numbers that represent each exercise. What are the other columns from that table populated with? I don't know the structure so I can't give you an exact query, but it should look something like this: SELECT sum( [valueColumn] ) as SUM, ExerciseTypeFROM exerciseGROUP BY ExerciseTypeHowever, you should add a where clause to filter the data, but I don't know where you need yet. So please give me more details about the structure of the database and the result you need.Regards,Andrei Rinciog