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Thread: Error 661 - Product registration failed!

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Delene Burton

post date:
2010-06-04 00:33:38
Similar problem to post subject "Registration Code request for reinstal" - I've purchased the product, posted a problem notice yesterday and still no reply... I've removed and re-installed FusionCharts and still have no access to them.I only have an access / license code to FusionCharts for Dreamweaver - I've checked and copied and pasted numerous times also, I've entered the code manually just in case there was garbage in the buffer - same result... I'm very frustrated at your product - WITH NO VALID ACCESS TO IT - and at no support from your company. Please issue me a valid license number that
Andrei Rinciog [Extend Studio]

post date:
2010-06-08 06:15:36
This issue has been solved by email. There was a problem with the generated license and we've replaced it with a working one.
Ruben Omar Leal Lopez

post date:
2010-07-26 09:11:57
I have the same problem Error #661I Re install the product.Please help me
Andrei Rinciog [Extend Studio]

post date:
2010-07-26 09:35:29
Hello,It seems there was a problem with the serial number on our part. I have replaced the license from your account with a working one. Sorry for any inconveniences.Regards,Andrei Rinciog