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Thread: Was Never Asked to Register

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Linda Idstein

post date:
2010-04-20 13:14:00
I have installed and uninstalled the extention 2 times now and I still get the evaluation message. The software has never prompted me to enter a serial number. Any suggestions this is kind of strange. I have never installed the evaluation version of the software I have only ever installed the file that I downloaded from my account a file called: fc_dw_addon_full.ziprnrnI unzipped the filernRead the getting started guidernInstalled the extention through the Adobe Extension ManagerrnOpened Dreamweaver CS4 and created a new page and defined a test server.rnTried to insert a Simple/Dynamic ChartrnIt said that the plugin was done initializing and I had to restart Dreamweaver.rnI restarted Dreamweaver and then it let me enter the chart pull the data dynamically from the database and when uploaded the chart displays correctly. Except for the message above the chart saying that it is the Evaluation copy. rnrnSo what gives, why did it never ask me for my serial number?
Andrei Brebulet [Extend Studio]

post date:
2010-04-21 05:48:46
Hello Linda, You should try to delete dreamweaver cache. Here is a link on how to do that: http://www.extendstudio.com/documentation/creative-dw-vertical-menu/documentation/faq/faq2.html#cache_procedureIf it still doesn't work please contact us right away.Best regards,Andrei Brebulet
Linda Idstein

post date:
2010-04-23 17:13:38
That did not fix itremoved the cache filereinstalled the plugincreated new pagetried to add chart and was told to simply restart Dreamweaver.Restarted still not asked for serial, uploaded chart http://server-elektra.com/detail6.phpEvaluation message still there.What gives?
Cristian Dorobantescu [Extend Studio]

post date:
2010-04-25 13:39:38
Hi Linda,Do you think it would be possible to make a desktop sharing session with you to check what's going on your machine?Thanks,Cristian