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Thread: DW error message

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Terry Montgomery

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2010-03-17 16:57:21
Hi Andrei,rnrnI think there's a bug in FusionCharts for Dreamweaver that you may wish to address. I am using DW CS4 and FC for DW/Designer Edition.rnrnWhen a FC chart is added to an editable region within a webpage, FC adds the following code, as an example:rnrn<!-- (FCChart Begin) #ResultsOfVacuumTests -->rn<div id="fc_ResultsOfVacuumTests" align="center">FusionCharts.</div>rn<script type="text/javascript">rn var chartResultsOfVacuumTests = new FusionCharts("includes/FusionCharts/charts/MSColumn2D.swf", "ResultsOfVacuumTests", "400", "285", "0", "1");rn chartResultsOfVacuumTests.setDataURL("includes/FusionCharts/data/ResultsOfVacuumTests_data.xml");rn chartResultsOfVacuumTests.render("fc_ResultsOfVacuumTests");rn</script>rn<!-- version 1.1.1-->rn<!-- #ResultsOfVacuumTests (FCChart End) -->rnrnWhen this page is then opened in DW, the following error message appears: "Making this change would require changing code that is locked by a template or a translator. The change will be discarded."rnrnThis error message appears to be caused by the begin/end comment codes that you're using:rnrn<!-- (FCChart Begin) #ResultsOfVacuumTests -->rn.rn.rn.rn<!-- version 1.1.1-->rn<!-- #ResultsOfVacuumTests (FCChart End) -->rnrnWhen these comments are removed, the error message no longer appears in DW. However, the chart's placeholder image within DW also no longer appears. The FC chart DOES appear when the webpage is displayed in a browser. There's something about the begin/end comments that you're using that is triggering the DW error message. I'm creating these pages in Coldfusion, which treats words surrounded by "#" as variables. This might be the problem with the comments, since they do contain a "#" character.rnrnYour help is appreciated.rnrnTerry Montgomery
Andrei Rinciog [Extend Studio]

post date:
2010-03-18 06:32:43
Hello Terry,I will add this on our bug reporting system and it will be retested and hopefully fixed.Thank you for pointing this out.Regards,Andrei