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Thread: Possible for multiple Scrollers in 1 Flash movie?

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A Skywalker

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2011-12-13 04:30:50
Hello I'm currently trying out the demo version and really loving the features. Before I purchased it I wanted to make sure if I could use multiple scrollers (approx 50+) each loading a different targeted movieclip file from the library in a Flash CD Rom presentation that I'm currently developing. Using the demo I tried to make this happen... the 1st scroller loaded up beautifully but would not clear itself from the stage as I navigated away from it. Also I kept getting the warning "Library target could not be found" as it tried to load up any other scroller I set in the timeline after that. Would I have to use parent / child references in AS3 instead of simply drag-n-drop components onto stage? Any tutorial or tips that could point me in the right direction would be greatly appreciated. I looked thru this forum and didn't see a topic similiar to this... Thank you!