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Thread: Possible fix for menues in Safari and Mozilla

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Rick Wingrove

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2009-01-19 09:44:27
My vertical menues worked fine in IE but had serious displacement issues in Safari and Mozilla. The very first Item in the menu appeared as expected but the submenues were displaced laterally and irregularly. Text was fractured, some text acting like new buttons on the main menu, while some text was appearing as individual submenu buttons.rnrnLong story short, the spaces in the button text were the culprit. Any submenuitem with a space character would affect all main menu and sub menu items below it.rnrnI went into the HTML and replaced all spaces with " " (non-breaking space, without the quotes) so that a menu item such as "Big Cat" would appear in the HTML as "Big&nbspCat". rnrnThis would then show up on the menu as Big&nbspCat, but all of the main and sub menu items worked and appeared correctly. I them went back to the HTML, removed the &nbsp, and typed a space IN THE HTML.rnrnFor some reason which I do not understand, the space in the text, works differently than the space character in the HTML, but it has solved my problem.
Andrei Rinciog [Extend Studio]

post date:
2009-01-20 05:12:39
Hello Rick,Thank you for posting the solution. I hope that many will take advantage of this. If you have any problems in the future please write to us again.Best regards,Andrei Rinciog