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Josh Lucchesi

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2007-12-01 14:52:58
Hi - You're website is very, very slow. I can appreciate that you want to demonstrate your development prowess but I think you have to consider usability too. This form for example. When I click on "Add New Thread" it takes a full 7 seconds before it stops "bouncing" and fading in. The same happens when I click "Submit". What makes you think that the effects are so cool that they are more important than the user's experience? That's not good design.This form works too slowly. I'm entering text about 8 characters faster than it shows up on the screen in this form. Why would you think that was cool? This entire site is weighted down with "something" and I believe you know what it is. You should know it is hurting your business because it makes a bad impression and makes you look inexperienced.Please don't trick yourself into believing there is something wrong with my system or my connection because there is not. I don't experience this type of sluggishness any where else (except on the inexperienced web sites I have built myself).Best regards,JL
Monica Chitu [Extend Studio]

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2007-12-03 08:49:37
Hello Josh,Thank you for your input. We are currently working on a new and much improved site that will be launched in the first semester of 2008.Regards,Monica Chitu.