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D.D.M. van Zelst

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2012-01-12 21:36:38
Just wonder if it ispossible to have a similar extension like Flexi Layouts but then for creating CSS based professional looking and functional forms.rnrnTo have an extension in which you can design, create a fully functional form to todays standard with all kinds of functionality in an easy way would be great.rnrnThe way you can design layouts, menus and panels with the Flexi CSS pack is really great!rnrnHope to see something like this for Forms someday.rnrnKeep up the good work.
Ion Coman [Extend Studio]

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2012-01-13 03:56:05
Hi D.D.M. van Zelst,thank you for your suggestion! Indeed, CSS Forms has been on our minds for a while now, and we intend to develop an extension in the near future! :)Cheers,Ion
D.D.M. van Zelst

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2012-01-17 03:02:45
Hi Ion,Sounds like great news! I'm looking forward to such an extension and hopefully many more people. Like i said i love the way Flexi CCS pack works to design your layout, menus etc. Designing forms in a similar easy yet powerfull way would just be a perfect addon to this package.I'll stay tuned for any updated development news :-)Regards and keep up the good work!
Dave Turton

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2012-01-25 22:59:53
I'd be up for a form extension too. Currently using web assist for this but it is way too buggy.

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2012-03-06 01:36:26
Just a suggestiongOn the forum. can you put a search feture on your forum.such as searching in forum by titles or key sure will make the proccess of searching for help on the forum quickersthanksJoe
Elena Tepardea [Extend Studio]

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2012-03-06 06:27:22
Hello Joe,Thank you for your suggestion! We are planning to make some changes to the Forum in the near future and we have this 'Search' feature into consideration. In the meantime, you can add a new thread and one of our support engineers will post an answer there.Regards,Elena Tepardea