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2011-07-06 11:59:27
Maybe you guys have one already and I missed it? But if you could create a very easy to use MP3 Player that plays multiple tracks, has amazing looking skins and is very user friendly that would be great.Ive been looking for a MP3 player as of late and nothing seems to look that great, is too expensive or you have to do coding.If anyone knows of a good one or if Extend has one or can build one ... please let me know.Andrew
Andrei Rinciog [Extend Studio]

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2011-07-11 04:45:50
Hello Andrew, First of all, thank you for the suggestion. It's a little bit out of our the area of products that we have in plan for the future but we will take it into consideration in our future plans. Nothing on the short term though. We will send you an email if we decide to develop such a product. Regards,Andrei Rinciog