Thread: non delivery of goods - no phone number to call either!

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steven frow

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2011-06-20 18:34:46
i purchased today order number 9302438 and after waiting 10 hours and checking all spam etc i hadn't received a receipt or email message with my software download details. i tried to login to my account but my username email was not recognised so i called your Avangate number. They re-sent the invoice email without the actual invoice attached! and sent another email to you to inform of non delivery of your email. I came to you r website to call you directly and see that there is only the same phone number in Romania as Avangate payment who say they cannot help me. This forum is the only support you have? rnrnThis is my first order and I am not impressed - how are we supposed to make contact with problems?
Andrei Rinciog [Extend Studio]

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2011-06-21 15:14:08
Hello Steven, When the email from the order doesn't match any email from our database, our system automatically creates a new account using that email address. The license is added on this newly created account. You should've received an email with login information on the email address from your order. I also sent you an email with login information. If you haven't received it please tell me and I will send it to you again using a different mail server. Maybe your email server blocks emails from our server. Regards,Andrei Rinciog