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Betty Pethe

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2011-06-10 09:22:11
Didn't receive all 3 with first order of all three purchase for the pro product choice only ONE. You're response was that I will receive an invoice for the difference between the two packages. So OK I decided to go and order the "Creative DX Rich Media Pack Pro Package" as advertised in your banner ad at this time that comes with three things... looking at the packages in the final check-out I didn't Check out---it looks like again I would only receive two (Effects and Image Show) this time instead of three....what's the deal...don't you do as you advertise???Check out menu says:Creative DW Rich Media Pack PRO - 1.0.0 Creative DW Image Effects - 1.0.0 Creative DW Image Show PRO - 1.0.0Afraid to order...I want what I order!
Andrei Rinciog [Extend Studio]

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2011-06-14 05:31:53
Hello Betty, I will check with the sales department to see if they sent you the upgrade invoice yet. The Rich Media Pack PRO includes Creative DW Image Effects and Creative DW Image Show PRO. The Creative DW Vertical Menu we offer it for free when you buy the package. But, it's an offer, it's not included in the package. So, it doesn't appear in the contents of the package. So, basically you buy the Rich Media Package that includes Creative DW Image Show and Image Effects. And you receive a Creative DW Vertical Menus license for free after the purchase. Regards,Andrei Rinciog