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Thread: IE compatibility

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2010-08-14 05:43:32
Hello world,I just purchased a license a few days ago hoping this solution would solve my ever lasting compatibility problem between drop down menus and IE 6 7 8, etc. So I developped a couple of sites with it and now realize that the drop downs only show as lists (no drop downs what so ever) while they are working just the way they are supposed to on FF , safari, etc.Any suggestions would be appreciated.Thanks.
Andrei Brebulet [Extend Studio]

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2010-08-14 07:15:43
Hello,Could you send us link of your page so we can have a look at it? If you don't have your page online you can send it to support(at)extendstudio.comBest regards,Andrei Brebulet

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2010-08-17 09:04:30
I'm using it on and 'been trying it on different pc machines lately and some work, some don't despite the fact that the javascript options were on.Thanks for checking.
Andrei Brebulet [Extend Studio]

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2010-08-17 11:15:55
Hi again,We ran some tests and i suggest that you take out this line from the code:<script src="Scripts/swfobject_modified.js" type="text/javascript"></script>Our extension already creates a file for swf object so there's no need for another one. Also you should set wmode transparent on that flash object that's overlaping the menu on the first site. You can find some instructions on how to do this here: regards,Andrei Brebulet