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Mark Ritchie

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2008-03-06 07:00:10
Hello,The Creative TextFX product is absolutely GREAT! I love it but I do have a feature request that I hope you will seriously consider.I have created an image to help explain which can be viewed at: feature I would like to see (and I'm sure a lot of others) is an ending animation option. The autohide feature just simply makes the text disappear. Having an option for an ending animation would be fantastic and would make this product 1000 times better than it already is.You could still implement an option for text to simply just stay and not use the ending animation for people that so choose to do so.The autohide feature could be deleted as you could implement that into the "ending animation".As for the behavior options, perhaps you could have "Start" and "Use Actionscript" in the beginning animation section "Reverse" and "Use actionscript" in the ending animation section for the people that would like to use actionscript.I really hope you consider this as it would be VERY user friendly and would make your product just that much better!What do you think?Thanks,Mark
Catalin Serban [Extend Studio]

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2008-03-10 17:15:35
Hi Mark,First of all, I want to thank you for your interest in Creative TextFX, what you have requested it will be implemented in the next major release of the product, because this is one of the new features that will greatly improve the product.Regards,Catalin Serban
Mark Ritchie

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2008-09-02 23:12:04
Hey there!I was just wondering if there is going to be any updates to Creative Text fx soon! Looking forward to the changes mentioned above.Mark
Andrei Rinciog [Extend Studio]

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2008-09-03 11:50:03
Hello Mark,Text FX v2 is currently in development and its hard to estimate the release date ( probably sometime in October ). As for the features youve requested, youll have the opportunity to really make nice transitions between the appearance of the text and its disappearance. Youll be able to use not 2, but 3 effects on text, in animation, wait animation and ending animation. The interface will be completely different, and much more easy to use as usability is one of our main priorities .Thank you for your patience and we hope that the next version will completely fulfill your needs.Best regards,Andrei Rinciog