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Tim OConnor

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2010-02-11 12:36:46
Hi,I think I messed up my order when I purchased the Rich Media Pack Pro. I'm not sure if I had to do this or not, but I didn't check the box next to the Vertical Menu product for $0 as I was checking out (I thought it was already in the Rich Media Pack Pro bundle in my cart), and it wasn't included in the download link. I received both the Image Effects and Image Show Pro, just not the Vertical Menu as part of the bundle that I paid for.Please send me a link and a license for the Vertical Menu to complete my order. I'm looking forward to using your products.Many thanks.
Cristian Dorobantescu [Extend Studio]

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2010-02-12 03:33:45
Hi Tim,No problem, I have already added the license to your account.Best,Cristian Dorobantescu