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With the Flexi CSS Menus Dreamweaver extension you can create beautiful pure CSS menus that will work the same in all browsers. To save time, you can start from any of the 45 dropdown, vertical and tabbed templates and create your own color scheme to make the CSS menu blend perfectly with your overall site layout. There is no need to code or know CSS as all the menu settings are done quickly from the Dreamweaver interface.

Creating custom buttons and submenus with Flexi CSS Menus

With Flexi CSS Menus Dreamweaver extension not only that you can customize the look and feel of the main menu and submenus from the interface without coding, but you can as well create custom buttons and submenus. For example, let's say you want the Products button to look a bit different to focus the visitor's attention on it.

Note: for this tutorial we will assume that you know how to locate the Flexi CSS menus extension and understand the Insert menu interface elements.

Creating a custom button

Select the Products button in the Design view in Dreamweaver:

Select a button in Design view

From the inspector, click on "Customize this button only":

Click on customize button

Name the custom class for the button:

Custom class name

All the style settings that you make now for that particular button will be applied on the class created and only on that button.


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