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Creative TextFX v2 - Flash Text Effects Component

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Creative TextFX v2 features

box Creative TextFX v2

With Creative TextFX v2 you can create stunning text effects in FLASH. This Flash component gives you access to more than 300 predefined text effects that are customizable from the user interface or directly with ActionScript elements - properties, methods, constructor parameters and events - thoroughly documented in the complete product manual or in the Contextual Help.

A new transition type - Wait Effects

TextFX v2 comes with a new transition type; now it offers the ability to animate the text when it's in the visible state, between the In and Out transitions.

Wait Effects Transition

Default text effects pack with over 300 predefined effects

There over 300 different predefined text effects to choose from, and they can be easily customized from the component's interface (check out the main effects gallery).

Dynamic effects & actions

TextFX comes with dynamic effects or the actions are triggered by the mouse behavior. Effects which create a button behavior are available and actions like adding sound, moving along the timeline, adding an URL or executing a function are only a few clicks away.

Dynamic Text Effects

Filters Effects

In order to conclude the visual enhancements available in TextFX, filters have been added to the component. The filters (Drop shadow, Blur, Glow, Bevel, Adjust colors, Reflection) are easy to configure from the product interface.

Text Filters Effects

Custom effect duration

Creative TextFX is a Flash text effects component that allows you to customize the in, wait, out effects duration.

Text Effects Duration

Rich Text Support

With TextFX V2 you have full control over the text. Thanks to the rich text editor you can write with different colors, different styles and different fonts in the same text instance. Having this power over the text means that that there are no limits on your creativity.

Rich Text Editor

Easy Font Manipulation & Fonts Embedding

As Creative TextFX is a text effects component, font manipulation is an important part and was treated accordingly. All the installed fonts are available in the component's interface and the target text can be embedded in the Flash movie by simply pressing one button. Moreover, the smart embedding system optimizes the movie to obtain a minimal size.

Font Embedding

Multi-line & text alignment support

TextFX v2 comes with two great new features - the ability to write on multiple text lines and the ability to align the text (left, right or center).

Custom Text Block

In TextFX v2 you can apply the effect on different-sized blocks of text; if a text is animated, the effect can be applied at letter-level, at word-level, at text-line-level, at the entire-text-level or at a custom level that can be defined.

Text Block Effects

Optimized for fast and easy setup

By configuring the intuitive and easy-to-use parameters you can customize the effects to suit your needs in literally no time at all. The configuring procedure requires absolutely no coding knowledge.

Integrated advanced preview mode

We have developed an advanced preview system that can significantly boost the users' productivity, by allowing them to configure the effect and preview the result without publishing the Flash movie.

Text Effects Preview

Save + Load = Reuse

Each effect configuration can be saved as a preset for later use; preset-use is optimized in TextFX, as the user has a lot of control over them through the "Manage presets" section of the interface.

Manage Presets

Easy and Intuitive User Interface

The interface of the product was designed to offer the user the possibility to access easily and fast any of TextFX's functionalities; in the same time, the way it's divided in sections allows the user to employ all the product's options in a natural way, without unnecessary pauses in the workflow.

Text FX User Interface

Visual Time Manager

This section of the interface allows the user to control the effect one or more of the three elements: In, Out and Wait Duration.

Visual Time Manager

In Effects, Wait Effects, Out Effects...

Three types of effects can be applied on a text - In and Out Effects which create transitions into and from the stage and Wait Effects which animate the text in its place, between the In and Out Effects. All the effect elements are accessible from the product interface and can be configured at the same point in the project workflow.

Text Transition Effects

100% customizable effects

With the help of the intuitive parameter settings every effect and every predefined effect are 100% customizable.

Contextual Help

Although the user interface is intuitive and easy-to-use, we understand it's difficult to remember what all the parameters for all the effects do. That's why we have created the contextual help, which describes any interface element with only one click.

Contextual Help

AS3 Compatible

One of the most important improvements in TextFX when it comes to coding is that the component is ActionScript 3.0 compliant, which gives a major boost to the component's robustness and performance.

Lightweight - small size

As we have created the component having efficiency in mind, Creative TextFX has a smart system that keeps the file size minimal by adding only the embedded fonts, effects and so forth employed in the final version of the movie.

ActionScript Control

This powerful feature gives users the power to control the animations not only visually, but also through ActionScript. This powerful method for any programmer becomes very simple to use as all the ActionScript elements - properties, methods, constructor parameters and events - are thoroughly documented in the ActionScript Dictionary present in the complete product documentation.


  • OS: Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Environment:  Adobe Flash CS3, CS4 and CS5
  • View: Flash Player 9/10 with AS3 (AS2 for TextFX V1)
  • OS: Mac OS X 10.1.x, 10.2.x, 10.3.x and 10.4.x or greater.
  • Environment:  Adobe Flash CS3, CS4 and CS5
  • View: Flash Player 9/10 with AS3 (AS2 for TextFX V1)