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Creative Flash Scroller

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Creative Flash Scroller features

box Creative Flash Scroller

With Creative Flash Scroller you can scroll any kind of Flash Content: static text, dynamic text, pictures, animations, movies. It comes with multiple scroll behaviors: touch scroll, mouse gesture scroll, scrollbar scroll and even supports mouse wheel behavior. You can add smooth scrolling or motion blur effects and customize it to suit your design, from an easy to use interface.

Scrolls any kind of content - With Creative Flash Scroller you can scroll text, images, flash videos or even dynamic content inside a flash scroll area. You can scroll any kind of Flash Content as long as it is contained in a Movie Clip.
scroll flash content
• Simple text scroller in flash - Using the embedded flash scrollbars you can scroll text inside a flash scrollpanel, vertically or horizontally.

• Flash image scroller - You can easily use the Flash component to scroll multiple images inside a flash scroll area.

• Flash video scroller - If you want to scroll videos, our flash component can even scroll external flash content.

• Dynamic content scroller - All you need to to is to include the dynamic content inside a movie clip and scroll it with our flash component.
Multiple Scrolling Behaviors - Content can be scrolled in multiple ways: mouse, keyboard, mouse wheel, drag and drop.
Multiple Scroll Behaviors
• Flash touch scroll - Touch scrolling is a slick and cool way of scrolling a Flash Movie Clip: you can scroll the content by simply dragging the content with the mouse.

• Flash mouse gesture scroll - You can scroll the flash content with your mouse, without any mouse click.

• Flash reverse scroll - Just like the touch scroll, simply drag the flash content with the mouse and it will scroll in the opposite direction.

• Flash scrollbar only - Using this setting the content can be scrolled only with the horizontal and vertical scrollbars.

• Use mouse wheel - The content inside the Scroll Area can be scrolled with the mouse wheel (not available on MACs).

• Use Key Scroll - Creative Flash Scroller gives you the possibility to scroll using the navigation arrows on your keyboard: up/down for vertical scroll and left/right for horizontal scroll.
Scrolling effects - You can add cool and professional motion effects to the scrolled content with ease.
Scrolling effects
• Use Motion Blur - When scrolling the content you can choose to blur the content and even set the blur level.

• Use Smooth Scroll - Using this feature gives you a more realistic view when scrolling the flash content.
Easy Skinning & Styling - The component gives the ability to change the color of each skin element (scrolling buttons and knob) from the user interface or during runtime using ActionScript.
• 12 built in skins - The component comes with 12 built in skins. The colors of these skins can be changed to suit your needs.


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• Custom skins - Also you are able to change the entire look of the Creative Flash Scroller using custom made skins.
Horizontal or Vertical Scrolling - Creative Flash Scroller can scroll content both horizontally and vertically.
Scrolling effects
• embedded horizontal & vertical scrollbars - the component comes with horizontal scrollbars which you can use automatically or place them manually next to the scroll area.
Very easy to create Flash Scrollers - The Scroller behaviors can be managed from an user friendly Component Inspector interface.
how to use flash scroller
• Drag & Drop - You can create a Flash scroller by simply Drag & Drop the component over a movie clip on the stage.

• Contextual help - Rollover the labels in the interface to get short explanations on the purpose and values of the various settings.

• Easy to use interface - The component comes with a flash like user interface in the Component Inspector. The learning curve is almost instant.
• Screenshots
flash scroller picture 1 flash scroller picture 2 flash scroller picture 3 flash scroller picture 4 flash scroller picture 5 flash scroller picture 6
• Presets - You can save the settings you did for the current scroller and reuse them. When creating a new scroller you can start from scratch or load a preset.
Creative Flash Scroller - Advanced Options
flash scroller advanced
• Custom Scroll Step - Our flash component gives the ability to set the number of pixels to scroll the content when you press on a scroll button.

• Custom Scrollbars Position - The scrollbars can be placed anywhere on the stage. This way you are not constrained to place the scroll controls on the scroller area.

• ActionScript 2 & ActionScript 3 control- If you are a coder you can manage the scroller directly from ActionScript. The component uses AS2 or AS3 methods, events and properties which gives you full control over the behaviors.

• Works with Static and Dynamic text - With Creative Flash Scroller you can scroll any type of content, including dynamic text.

Creative Flash Scroller

windows xp
windows vista
windows seven
apple mac os
• OS : Creative Flash Scroller is supported by multiple OS from Windows XP to Windows 7 and any Mac OS X 10 or greater.
Creative Flash Scroller
for AS2 works on:
flash 8
flash cs3 flash cs4 flash cs5
Creative Flash Scroller
for AS3 works on
flash cs3 flash cs4 flash cs5
In order to view the
results you need at least:
flash player 8
Adobe Flash
Player 8,9 for AS2
flash player 10
Adobe Flash
Player 10 for AS3