Creative Fash Vertical Menu Samples | Flash Components by Extend Studio
Over 35 menu effects & transitions

With one click you can choose effects for the transition between button states and for the show/hide submenu. The effects come with the component.

Over 30 built in skins

There are over 30 built in skins to choose from, including web 2.0 styles.

Create your own Custom skins

The component gives the ability to create your own custom skins and to easily implement them. The skins can be resized; can have menu/button transition effects and can be styled from the component.

Easy skinning & styling

The component gives you the ability to change the color, size, font, font color and size, margins and many more. Also you are able to change the entire look of the Creative FL Vertical Menu using custom made skins that only require that you create a movie clip for each skin element (background, button and so forth).

Easy color manipulation

We paid a special attention to how colors are being used. To simplify the process Creative FL Vertical Menu comes with an advanced color picker and now it's easier than ever to use colors and visually apply them on any skin element.

Easy & Intuitive Flash Like user interface

Because it uses a Flash-like user interface it feels like it's totally integrated with Flash. The Creative FL Vertical Menu component is designed to be compliant with our Plug & Play standard so the learning curve is almost instant. No hand coding required so you can build up your menus in minutes.

The ultimate FLASH menu

Our Flash menu it's the ultimate menu navigation solution for Flash websites. With a simple Drag & Drop operation over the stage you are minutes away from having fully functional stunning web menus.

Integrated Preview Mode

We have developed a preview system that will save you time. Using our system there is no need to publish the flash movie to see the menu changes made in the authoring environment. Now you can work directly in preview mode where you can edit your menu (menu structure, colors, effects, fonts) and click the update button to see the changes.

Save + Load = reuse

Every time you make a menu or edit an existing menu you can save it as a preset and reuse it at a later time in any project.

Smart resize system

We have created a smart resize system that allows you to change the dimensions of menu elements (buttons, main menu background, submenu background) without breaking the initial design. It preserves the round corners and the gradient even when the resize is done only on X axis or Y axis. With this solution you can have a liquid menu layout even when dealing with complex designs.

Supports RTL Languages

Our component offers full support for right to left languages.

Any kind of character

We have created Creative FL Vertical Menu to work with all the character sets, including including GREEK, ARABIC or ASIAN languages.

No Programming skills required

The component requires almost no Action Script knowledge. Everything you need can be set by making use of the user friendly interface.

Easily manage your menu

Easily manage the menus because you are able to create/edit and update the menus from within the extension. Our component doesn't require XML knowledge to generate menus. The menu structure can be done in seconds using the interface.

Unlimited number of domains License

Once the vertical menu component is purchased the product can be used on an unlimited number of domains without any restriction.

Time Saving Solution

Using the component you can save many hours of tedious hand coding, testing and make your menu bug-free.

Active Button Persistence

It keeps the active button in a "clicked" state until another button is clicked.

Contextual Help

At EXTEND we know how it feels to need an answer fast; because of this we have implemented an additional help system. The contextual help system gives you answers when you need them just by hover the mouse over the controls.

Instant Contact

We understand that your time is precious and that sometimes you don't want to interrupt your workflow and, as a result we have implemented an "Instant Contact" feature in our components. Now you can get in contact with us directly from Flash!