Fusioncharts addon for current www.fusioncharts.com customers

Dreamweaver add-on for current FusionCharts customers

As an existing FusionCharts customer, you are entitled to get the Dreamweaver extension addon for your licenses purchased from www.FusionCharts.com at special prices. The add-on coupled with your existing FusionCharts Developer License helps you generate your usual charts from a simple GUI in Dreamweaver itself.


Special add-on pricing for existing www.fusioncharts.com customers

  • Dreamweaver addon (for FusionCharts Developer license) price*: $69.00.

  • Dreamweaver addon (for FusionCharts Professional license) price*: $149.00.

  • Dreamweaver addon (for FusionCharts Site license) price*: $249.00.

  • Dreamweaver addon (for FusionCharts Enterprise license) price*: $499.00.

 *Requirements: Existing www.fusioncharts.com license


Main Benefits of getting the Dreamweaver extension add-on


No Coding Required: create charts from the Dreamweaver Interface

The chart implementation is done entirely from a very intuitive User Interface. Through the interface, you can quickly access the various parameters & control almost every aspect of the chart. 

Easier Designing: integrated preview mode

The integrated preview mode significantly boosts the user's productivity by displaying an instant preview of the chart. Using this, you can configure the chart and preview the result without even publishing the HTML document.


Optimized For Fast And Easy Start: presets

Entire charts, chart styles and color schemes can be loaded from existing presets to get you up and running in minutes.

Dynamic charts: works with Dreamweaver Recordsets

Need to create complex queries aggregating data from multiple tables? Don't worry, because FusionCharts for DW is enabled with support for Dreamweaver Recordsets. The data used for plotting the charts can be pulled from virtually any database supported by Dreamweaver including MS SQL, Oracle & MySQL.

Works with the latest Dreamweaver releases

It is compatible with Dreamweaver CS3 and Dreamweaver CS4 on both Windows and MAC .

- Existing www.fusioncharts.com license
- Windows 2000/Mac OS X 10 (and above)
- Adobe Dreamweaver CS3 or CS4
- Flash Player 9 (or above) and JavaScript.
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Easy DataGrid editing
Chart Chooser