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How to get a template in Dreamweaver?

After you download the template archive the first thing to do is to extract the folder in the location you want.

You need a Dreamweaver site created to take full advantage of the template DWT files. Also, a site is needed to be able to edit the template using our extensions.

So, if you don't have it already, create a new site in Dreamweaver. Set the downloaded template folder as the root folder for the new site. After the site is created, press "Refresh" button in the files box and all the template files will appear.

If you already have a website created in Dreamweaver, you can simply copy the template files inside the root folder of that website.

How to create new pages with existing templates?

Each template has a couple of DWT files that you can use to rapidly create new pages.

You can read more about Dreamweaver templates and how they will speed up your development here: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/dreamweaver/cs/using/WScbb6b82af5544594822510a94ae8d65-7acda.html

In order to create new pages using the existing DWT files you must:

  • select "File->New" from the top menu in Dreamweaver;

  • from the New File interface, select "Page from template";

  • select one of the templates available in the site.

How to edit the templates with Flexi CSS Layouts?

All the templates have been created using Flexi CSS Layouts. This means that you can use the extension to modify their structure.

To edit a layout simply select it from the page and press the "Edit layout" button from the insert bar.

The DWT files hold the big page layout of a template. The smaller structural layout from the HTML files is created using section layouts.

From the HTML pages you can edit only the section layouts. In order to modify the page layout you must do that from the DWT file.

How to modify/add new buttons in the navigation?

The navigation from the pages are created inside the DWT files. It can be edited only from the DWT file.

In order to modify the labels of the buttons you can simply select the current label, delete it and insert a new one.

You can add new buttons only from "Code view" in Dreamweaver. Select the code for an existing button and duplicate it. Then modify the label.

To add a new submenu you can duplicate the code of a button that already has a submenu. Example:

In the above example, Products button is the parent for the submenu that has the 3 product buttons.

If you have the Flexi CSS Menus installed you can modify the menu structure automatically from the interface. Also, more design change options are available.

How to add/modify jQuery PowerSlider slides?

Each template has a jQuery PowerSlider in one of the pages. You can edit that slider and add the content that you want very easily.

The slider can be edited only from the DWT files.

The content on each slide is contained between the <li> and </li> tags. Just modify that content and build the slider that you want.

Example of the code of a slide:

If you want to add images you can use the existing <img /> tag and just modify its "src" attribute.

The number of slides can be modified by adding or deleting list elements.

If you have the jQuery PowerSlider extension installed you can make all these changes and more customization from the interface of the extension.

How to create new templates based on the existing ones?

If you want to create additional DWT files you can use the existing layout structure of the existing ones.

This is what you have to do (you need to have Flexi CSS Layouts extension):

  • open the DWT file that you want to start from;
  • edit the page layout by pressing the "Edit layout" button from the insert bar;
  • save the layout in the layouts gallery and close the editor interface;
  • create a new DWT template file;
  • click on "Insert layout from gallery" from the insert bar;
  • select your layout from User gallery and press insert;

You can now edit the page layout in any way you want to modify the template.

Why are the PSD files inside the package?

We have added the PSD files so you can easily use the graphical elements of the template.

You are free to use all the elements from PSD files in the template or in other work.

Can I use a template on multiple websites or do I need another license?

Once you bought a template you can use it freely on an unlimited number of websites. You are not required to buy additional websites.

Who owns the rights of the design created with the templates? Can I modify the copyright line from the footer?

You own full rights for the website designed using the templates. Yes, you can certainly modify the information from the footer of the pages.

Can I modify the templates and resell them?

No. You can use the templates on websites but you are not allowed to resell them in any form.

You can contact us by email at sales@extendstudio.com for any reselling question.

We will try to keep this list updated with new questions when they arrive.

If you have a question that you can't find an answer for it here please send us an email to support@extendstudio.com