box Creative DW Tabbed Menu

Creative DW Tabbed Menu

Create Tabbed animated Flash menus in Dreamweaver 8, CS3 and CS4. 30 skins and over 35 button effects, 100% customizable, Liquid menu layouts, round corners and gradients, Advanced styling system to customize the menu colors & fonts, from the user interface.

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Built-in skins gallery

These are the skins Built in Creative DW Tabbed Menu and designed by the Extend Studio team. Although the buit-in skins are very varied, you could always create new ones using the custom skin option.

Adobe Style Skin
Adobe Style
Apple Style Skin
Apple Style
Mozilla Style Skin
Mozilla Style
Neon Light Skin
Neon Light
Art Dream Skin
Art Dream
Blog Style Normal Skin
Blog Style Normal
Blog Style Round Skin
Blog Style Round
CSS Style 1 Skin
CSS Style 1
CSS Style 2 Skin
CSS Style 2
DELL Style Skin
DELL Style
Glossy Skin
Growing Buttons Skin
Growing Buttons
Hanging Buttons Skin
Hanging Buttons
LG Style Skin
LG Style
Hanging Buttons Skin
Macromedia Style
LG Style Skin
Misty Button
Notched Menu Skin
Notched Menu
Paper Leaves Skin
Paper Leaves
Philips Style Skin
Philips Style
Point To Skin
Point To
Samsung Style Skin
Samsung Style
Sliding Doors Skin
Sliding Doors
Sony Style Skin
Sony Style
Vista Classic Skin
Vista Classic
Vista Light C-Thru 1 Skin
Vista Light C-Thru 1
Vista Light C-Thru 2 Skin
Vista Light C-Thru 2
Vista Light From Within Skin
Vista Light From Within
WEB20 Big Tabs Skin
WEB20 Big Tabs
WEB20 Creative Skin
WEB20 Creative
WEB20 Harmony Skin
WEB20 Harmony

Creative DW Tabbed Menu Submenu effects

Below you can see a gallery available for the submenu appearance; the effects can be started by clicking on the button. A normal instance of the effect will start, and when rolling out of the button, a reverse instance of the effect will start and the effect will finish; all will last between two and three seconds.