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3D (perspective) effect

You don't need the latest high-end version of 3D Software to create some unique 3D effects. All you require is the Creative DW Image Effects and a bit of imagination.

Compatible with all popular browsers

The Creative DW Image Effects is compatible with the latest versions of the most popular browsers: Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Opera.

Compatible with PHP, ASP, ASP .Net, ColdFusion, JSP...

The Creative DW Image Effects can be easily and successfully used in combination with PHP, ASP, ASP .Net, ColdFusion and JSP.

Easy and Intuitive User Interface

The Creative DW Image Effects provides you with an easy to operate user interface. Similar to our highly appreciated DW Menu interfaces, it allows you to efficiently set your options, obtaining great image effects in almost no time at all. Additionally, no coding is required, so it can be used by the advanced Dreamweaver users, and also by the beginners.

Easy to integrate in HTML (fully integrated in Dreamweaver)

Our technology allows you to integrate the images edited with the Creative DW Image Effects in both DIV based layout and TABLE based layout. One other important feature is that you will be able to place the images anywhere on your webpage.

Easy to manage

You are able to create/edit and update the image effects from within the extension. This doesn't require any XML knowledge; the effects can be created/updated in seconds using the interface. The extension also allows you to make updates in all your site's pages.

Effects combination (Stack of effects)

Using the Creative DW Image Effects, you can easily combine the effects in order to obtain new and revolutionary enhancements for your images. This feature enables you to stack Photoshop-like effects. And the great part is that you can always go back and change the effects combination in case you want to make any improvements.

IE FLASH problem solved

We have embedded a solution for the IE ACTIVATE CONTENT PROBLEM so FLASH can be used in IE without any problem.

Image Protection using Watermark

By using our extension, you can also benefit from the watermark image protection feature so that you can: protect your pictures after publishing them and protect pictures independent of their format.

Integrated Preview Mode (Windows and Mac)

The Creative DW Image Effects includes an integrated preview mode that displays the image you are working on before publishing the website. In this way, you will be able to easily make any changes you desire within the authoring environment.

No coding required

The Creative DW Image Effects is a no-code-required solution for providing you with the most amazing image effects in the shortest amount of time and without any programming knowledge!

Over 25 effects

There are over 25 effects to choose from: static effects (Reflection, Shadow, Blur, Glow, Grayscale, Sepia, Watermark, Alpha and many more), and rollover effects (Sepia, Blur, Scale, Light, Dark, Color Filter, Border Scale and many more).

Photoshop-like effects in Dreamweaver

The Creative DW Image Effects gives you the ability to apply Photoshop-like effects to objects, such as creating soft edges, applying glow effects, create 3-D art from the simplest shapes, and so on. It closes the gap between Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

Productivity improving solution (Time saving solution)

By using the Creative DW Image Effects you will no longer need to spend hours editing your images in Photoshop and adding effects to them before inserting the edited photos in your webpage. With Creative DW Image Effects, all this time consuming work will be history! Your image editing work will be done in a matter of minutes and with great results!

Rollover image Effects

The Creative DW Image Effects can be used with simple images and also with rollover images.

Save + Load = reuse

Every time you make a new effect by combining different other effects or simply just add an existing one, you can save them as a preset and reuse them at a later time in any project.

SEO friendly

By using this feature, our extension will help you improve your websites search engine optimization and also your page rank by making all the pictures accessible to the search engine.

Static effects + Rollover effects

The Creative DW Image Effects supports both static effects and rollover effects like button effects. It also supports button actions.

Supports Caption Text feature

We have included a text entry field (box), which allows you to edit or delete the caption or comment text for each photo. You can include multiple lines of text, it does not need to be limited to only one line. Aside from changing what the caption text says, the editing options also include alignment, underline, italics, bold and others.

Supports RTL

Our extension supports right to left languages.

Unlimited number of domains License

Once the Creative DW Image Effects extension is purchased, the product can be used on an unlimited number of domains without any restriction.

Works with the latest Dreamweaver releases

It is compatible with Dreamweaver 8 and Dreamweaver CS3.