Where to find the extension in Dreamweaver

Extend Studio products are available in the Insert Window in Dreamweaver. Press CTRL+F2 to display the Insert Window.

If the Insert Window is displayed as Tabs below the main Dreamweaver menu

The Extend products should appear on the right side of the Tabs

dreamweaver insert bar

Tabbed Insert window

If the Insert Window is displayed as Floating Panel

Locate the Insert floating panel (should be on the left or right of the working area, depending on the Workspace settings: developer, designer etc)

Click on the "Common" drop-down - marked with a down arrow:

dreamweaver insert bar

"Common" down arrow

The Extend Studio products should appear in the pop-up list.

dreamweaver insert bar

Extend Studio products

I got an error message when I tried registering FlexiPanels CSS for DW. What do I do?

The error message could be due to many different reasons - choose a solution from the list (below) which corresponds to the error code displayed on your screen.