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Trendlines are special lines which are used to mark specific values on the y-axis, they are used for conveying a special message to the audience of the chart. For instance a trend Line may be used on a company's sales chart to indicate target revenue.

Trend line


FusionCharts for Dreamweaver also allows you to define a trendzone. A trendzone is used to ear-mark certain range of values, the following example demonstrates the implication of Trendzones.

Trend zone


Trendlines are defined in the 'Defined Trendlines' section which is located under the 'Chart Selection' tab. The 'Defined Trendlines' section comprises of three buttons which are;

Trendlines configuration interface section

Trendlines configuration interface section

TrendLine Parameters Panel

The 'TrendLine Parameters' panel is divided into two sections which are;

Trendline Parameters panel

TrendLine Parameters panel

Following configuration options are available under the 'Define trendline' section of the 'Trendline Parameters' panel.

Following configurable options are available under the 'Set trendline style' section